Oct 23

I have MBA and a Master degree. Do PhD is a good option for me? or i should just concentrate on my daily job?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your query with us.


Education is always good. And in your case, you already seem to be a highly qualified professional. So a very suitable candidate for the Ph.D. program for sure. However, whether it's good for you would be better commented upon, when we know a few more details about you. For example-


1. What is your current job? And is it directly connected to your latest qualifications?

2. Are you satisfied with your current job responsibilities and career progression in general?

3. What's an honest reason triggering you to pursue a Ph.D.? This is the most important question and relatively tough to evaluate. Because it's about the future and not on your past profile.


Consider evaluating the last question on these parameters-


A. Passion to create new knowledge?

B. The skill required for the next level of job you want to pursue in your career. Or a job that would pay more?

C. The prestige and branding associated with the niche academic journey?

D. Taking a break from a rigorous career, while at the same time building your knowledge base?


Given the information you have already shared, I would suggest you consider a Ph.D. if your reasons for the Q-3 above is either A (passion) or D(taking a break) option. And focus on your current job if your reasons for Ph.D. are more around options B and C.


Though ofcourse I have suggested this based on certain assumptions of your work profile, which would be proportionate to the degrees you already have. Decisions can vary based on personal situations, mindset, different family and financial stages in your personal and social life. So let us know if the current suggestions help you refine your decision-making process. And feel free to ask any further queries or request a call back for a personal consultation.


Have a great day!

Pankaj Singh


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