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I am working as a unity programmer from last two years. Should I be domain specific or I should focus on core programing for better career?

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Hi Karan,


Thanks for the question. Unity programming is mainly around coding for gaming and animation. So I'll assume, that's a domain you're currently specializing in. Now gaming have always been and will continue to be an important part of entertainment, technology and business ecosystem as a whole. So it's a good field to be in without a doubt.


Having said that, let me try to deconstruct your question and intent behind it. That should hopefully come to help me come up with clearer next steps for you-


If you read your own query, you're trying to pick an 'either', 'Or' option which is not mutually exclusive. Your programming is a skill, which can be applied to any industry be it gaming, finance, marketing and so on. So even if you opt-out of Unity, you'll likely run into and potentially lock yourself in some other programming framework or tool stack.


Now how to balance all this in an ultra-rapidly changing technology world. In high skilled professions such as yours, I recommend asking this question to ourself and answering it, knowing your personality type and style of working -


Do you want a career focussed on hard skills, hands-on driven roles? Or a career evolving towards technology (or even business ) leadership?


Which way do you want to go?

Neither option is particularly better than the other, they both have their own advantages and shortcomings. Success in one vs the other depends primarily on one's own personality type and ambition.


In the former, I would suggest you expand your technology stack to regular industry jobs. Start equipping yourself with a generalized programming technology stack that can be used across multiple industries. Focus big time on data structures, algorithms to begin with. Then pick one of the current trending languages or frameworks you look. You don't need to specialize too heavy on it. Keep working on your Unity language in your day job, and either switch internally to a different project or outside when it suits you. In the latter, if you intend to move towards more technology leadership roles as you gain experience, then I would suggest to double down on Unity and everything related to gaming. Don't just do your job on Unity as a programmer. But begin to understand the gaming industry as a whole. The different technology stacks that are used in there. Processes and technology inputs involved in from various stages of design to programming, to payments, store launches and so on. Develop deeper technology skills in not only unity but other associated technical aspects of gaming as well. See yourself as a leader for game development and look to share out that knowledge through blogs, videos, on help forums, etc. Do this consistently and you'll put yourself in a suitable position to be seen as an emerging leader for gaming tech. Then even if gaming jobs, in general, don't grow, companies that have specialized businesses around gaming, will be chasing you.


After a certain point in time, the career growth and stability may not be necessarily dependent on 'how many' programming languages you know. But 'how well' a particular technology and it's applied domain you know?


For example, would you enjoy a job as a technology architect in a big financial or retail firm with 10 years of experience in a range of technology, programming aspects? Or would you enjoy applying for a specialized job that requires 10 years of programming in Mobile gaming or even VR, AR in the future?


Big and impactful companies seek professionals that can either bring dependable 'deep skill'. Or someone who can reliably lead the organization towards a new vision, either through technology, process or business model changes. There are of course a plethora of roles and skill types in between. But I think, thinking in this framework would help clear some doubts in your mind. In general, more people go with a broader approach to avoid risk. But specialization has its own rewards.


Think well and choose wisely, you can reach us for a follow-up consultation as well here.

Thankyou sir, this is what I was expecting. I was in doubt that whether my specialisation is perfect or I am in that industry where there is not that much money in future. Now things are quite clear and I might take a proper decision.

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Thanks Karan, glad you found the approach useful and actionable. Our best wishes with you :)

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