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Tips For Indian Students Graduating This Year

Updated: May 7

Indian youth and students were reeling under the economic slowdown in India for most of the last year. And the onset of COVID-19 has further worsened the situation. It’s edging towards a crisis.

Millions of students are expected to graduate in the coming months of May and June. And millions were already waiting under the queue after graduating in 2019, some expecting to start and some under the interview process. We at Career Oracles have been thinking about this scenario affecting the career starts and progress of the young graduates. It’s a tough situation for the entire country and no one has a magic bullet to solve this, at least in the immediate term. But based on our experience and exposure, we have discussed what we would have done if we were graduating now in the country? And the discussion let to the below points which we have discussed in some detail. Again, those aren’t solutions that’ll get anyone a job the next day. But it can help lessen the pressure, and build up a few steps to get you a job as soon as the situation starts to improve.

Below are some of the points that could be useful to different people depending on their current situation -

1. Give National aptitude tests such as Amcat, Elitmus,CoCubes etc -

This could help you in retaining a good score in your aptitude tests which is any company's first entrance test. Tests comprise three to four various sections and on their aggregate score Company selects their candidates for further rounds. So to get a real exposure of it you must choose to take as many tests as possible to get yourself eligible for their further rounds at least.

2. Find internships through sites like Internshaala or LinkedIn - Nowadays organizations are in good practice to make the competition open for all and offer various fresher jobs and intern options through platforms like Internshaala and LinkedIn. Build a good portfolio on these platforms and follow the organizations' hiring updates regularly.

3. Join NGO, Volunteer for projects - Join any NGOs for few projects at least for a short period. It would give you a taste of the professional organization work spaces and their work drive to their projects. Volunteer in their projects and you would learn things that would shape you up for your better transformation. 4. Freelance, remote work, micropreneurship - Freelance work is one of the most trending patterns practiced these days. In this, you got paid for the amount of work, you got selected. This leads to building a healthy relationship between you and the one who is seeking for getting his jobs to be done. It provides you to work remotely which means you don’t need any physical space. You can explore a bit more by doing a few exposures to the data available at various sites and then using the same for better usage. 5. Prepare with friends - Start working on your fears. Bring your friends in an open debate and make your conversations a bit more realistic than it will definitely help you in learning more and viewing things with a few other perspectives. Study with them and share your knowledge. As the proverb says “In vain have you acquired knowledge, if you have not imparted it to others.” 6. Mock Tests - Mock Tests are one of the best practices to help in knowing ourselves better, at least for a time. These tests show us our mirror image. Before being into a real competition it helps us in introducing ourselves where and in which domains we have to work more before competing with others. 7. Stay with parents, Save Costs, most interview rounds will be remote in a given scenario - Stay with your parents and spend time with them. Once you are out in the world to compete you are going to get a new challenge each day and then it will be difficult to give much time to your family. So enjoy this time too. It will saving your some extra expenses too. Try to schedule more and more interviews with the people who are looking for any candidate(s) through various means. Take advantage of technology in this Technic world and book yourself with it in a safe zone. 8. Build a portfolio of work -

Build a good portfolio by showcasing all the work you have done until now. List up the projects/tasks you had done in your life till now or mention your specialty in your work (if any) so you can use it for your advantage over others. *We wish good luck for your future. Regards Team@careeroracle.com

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